JADA FAITH is a young talented singer songwriter. Jada has been singing since childhood and has a huge passion for music, writes her own lyrics and has taught herself to play the guitar. Jada comes from a musical family, her sister also sings and her father is a music producer. Jada got her singing education at the ZOI GOSPEL Academy in Amsterdam (Netherlands) an initiative of Berget Lewis and Shirma Rouse two famous Dutch singers. Jada participated in The Voice Kids of Holland in 2017 and 2020 where she reached the Battles the first time and the Sing-offs the second time. Her first single and videoclip BUTTERFLY were released on the 7th of February. Jada sings this song for everyone who is feeling down at times. Jada has written this song herself and the message in this song is that everything will be fine and that you must continue to believe in the good and in yourself. Jada’s second single and videoclip GEDEELD VERLEDEN were released on the 1th of June the song is a tribute and memory of the slavery past in the world. The song is written by Crudon Music. Jada’s third single and videoclip TEARZ a song also written by Jada, were released on the 28th of July. The song is about life events that humanity may face in life such as, death, separation, fear, danger and war. Jada have released her first EP on the 28th of September 2021 on which 6 self-written singles are heard with R&B, POP and Soul influences. The singles BUTTERFLY and TEARZ are part of this EP. After her EP, a new chapter has started for Jada with her new single STEADY which was released the 9th of September 2022. The song is a mix of Pop, R&B and Afrobeat influences and is about staying stable after a break up.